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Vienna Bronze is an artistically finished piece in the best Viennese handicraft tradition. The tradition of lovingly crafted figures, continued to the present day by Wiener Bronze Manufaktur according to old and traditional processes, can be traced to the middle of the 19th century. Many of these figures can now be found as valuable collectors’ items around the world. It has always been the aim of the Höller family to continue the tradition of this old Viennese handicraft to the highest quality.

Harald P. Höller, the founder of Wiener Bronze Manufaktur, gained his skill and inherited a large number of his models from his third-generation family. Today he is the last craftsman in this industry to carry out all the work processes himself, including the creation of models and moulds, chasing and painting. Only the reproduction of the raw casts is outsourced.
In the late 1930s, Harald’s grandfather, Eduard Neusch–Höller, began in his role as modeller to undertake various commissions for notable Viennese bronze manufacturers such as Prof. Hammer, Bermann and Bergmann/Fuhrmann & Co. His wife, Magarethe, was also active as a bronze painter in the same business.

One of the projects occupying Eduard Neusch-Höller – a leading artist – involved the creation of a famous bronze sculpture symbolising the fraternisation of the American settlers with the indigenous Indians. Since then this figure has stood in the White House in Washington DC – the home of the American president.

In addition, the Austrian government commissioned the well-known sculptor and Viennese Bronze manufacturer Prof. Hammer to create bronze “models of the Spanish riders” of the Vienna Hofreitschule. Mr Neusch-Höller was asked to paint the models. The pieces were a gift from the Austrian government to Queen Elizabeth for her coronation in 1953.

His son, Eduard Höller Jr., continued the handicraft in the late 50s. He began with the idea of “humoristic Bronzes”, and was active until 2007. His brother, Oswald, the father of Harald P. Höller, is the creator of the Music Carrousel, a very well-known mechanical Vienna Bronze model, which is still manufactured by Wiener Bronze Manufaktur today.

In the 1970s Harald P. Höller joined the workshop of his uncle, Eduard Jr.  In order to gain experience in the techniques of other bronze manufacturers, he went a few years later to Karl Fuhrmann & Co, one of the last Viennese bronze companies (Bergmann/Fuhrmann & Co. est. 1860 ), where he concentrated on the development of models, chasing and the painting and manufacture of special punches under the last of the Old Masters. Today the bronze chaser profession has almost died out. During this time Harald P. Höller has developed many new models of humoristic Vienna Bronzes, which still enjoy great demand and popularity today. The creation of new models remains of great importance to Wiener Bronze Manufaktur.

In the mid-1980s Harald P. Höller founded Wiener Bronze Manufaktur in Vienna and continued to concentrate on the creation and design of new models.

For more than two decades, Wiener Bronze Manufaktur delivered their products to Bergmann / Fuhrmann & Co, who added these models to their sales catalogue and distributed them further.

For this reason the models carry the hallmark of Bergmann / Fuhrmann, even though they were manufactured and designed by Wiener Bronze Manufaktur.

For more than a decade his wife, Lisa Höller, has worked with him in the business. After intensive engagement with old techniques and the study of the materials, she has specialised in the patination and painting of Vienna Bronzes.
Wiener Bronze Manufaktur continues the longstanding tradition of the Höllers by employing the old family recipes and techniques, with which every piece is crafted exclusively and with great care.In this way each piece from Wiener Bronze Manufaktur becomes valuable and unique.

We hope that our original Vienna Bronzes bring you much pleasure!
Harald P. & Lisa Höller

These valuable collectors’ items embody traditional Viennese handcraft worldwide.