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More than a decade ago, Lisa Höller, introduced to handicraft by Harald P. Höller, began to concentrate extensively on bronze painting, and through her know-how and masterly execution has become an irreplaceable specialist at Wiener Bronze Manuaktur.

The painting of a Vienna Bronze is very labour-intensive and is done in several stages. The standard of painting is of great importance and determines the quality of the final pieces.

The Höllers work with high-quality, light-resistant oxides and pigment powder colours, combined with carrier varnish that they produce themselves, using recipes that have been in the family for generations.

Sometimes this technique is called cold painting and it has been falsely claimed that these recipes and techniques have been lost. However, Wiener Bronze Manufaktur has always worked according to these traditional techniques and recipes. Previously, larger bronze figures were fire-gilded and enamel-lacquered; this however had to be discontinued due to the highly toxic fumes that result from these processes.